So how has technology changed things?

7 Jan

The new year has got me thinking about things other than getting the health back in check!  LOL  Getting out and regaining a life outside of work would be another thing on my list but hey, that’s for another day.

Tonight I was thinking how technology has actually changed things in the dating world.  Has it made us more trusting?  Or more guarded?  Do we put ourselves out there and just say whatever comes to our mind, because we know that the person who is ‘out there’ on the other end of the keyboard is someone we may never meet?  Or do we hold back because we think that the other person may be lying or making things up…..embellishment goes both ways too, unfortunately.

Do we take more risks because we feel safer behind the keyboard?

Do we ‘play’ with people’s emotions because we don’t think we’ll ever meet them?

Or do we sit back and avoid things?

Or do we do things like break up with people via email or…shock and horror…text, instead of having the cajones to actually call up the person or meet them?

How many of us have had the encounter with the scammers from Africa?  Yes, you can add me to that list….once the guy mentioned sending money, I began a googling frenzy and yup, there it was….everything he had done followed the patterns they talked about on-line.  Even up to the anger when I called him on it.

But hey, everyone needs an experience to talk about!  Or in this case, write about…

So what do you think?  How has technology changed your dating?


So…what about Paul’s comments on the last post? Is he on to something?

30 Nov

So I was reading Paul’s comments from the last posting where he talks about being the kind of man who seems to understand what women are looking for.  He lets a woman talk, asks her opinion, is the gentleman that we want our man to be, shows that chivalry isn’t dead….. This leads to lots of questions for me.


Probably the first is – where are these men!!!!  And can we clone them when we do fine them?  (Okay, now that is out of my system….)


But more seriously – when we do find them, why do we screw it up?  Or when we’re together on a date, why does it just sit there flat?  What happens?


I’ve had a few dates with guys where they were nice enough but…meh….that was about it.  And of course there was the one where my ‘gay-dar’ went off with such a loud siren-like sound that I could barely hear the guy talking over the top of it!


But we say we don’t want the bad boy but there is such a fine line between nice guy with chemistry and nice guy….’next’!


Why are we so fickle?  I always say that you have to romance my mind as well as my body…I have to like the guy when we’re both 75 and our bodies aren’t ‘bodying’ like they used to.  Do nice guys always finish last?


Mind you – we nice ladies seem to be passed over at times for the bitch that you definitely could NOT bring home to your mother or any woman in your family!


Thoughts – ladies?  Men?  Paul?

Why is your time more important than mine????

9 Nov

This man asks me out for a date so we make plans to meet at a little café.  We decide on a time.  Later he calls to move it back 30 minutes.  Okay, I can cope with that.


Then he calls again to tell me that it will be another 30 minutes.  Now, you’re starting to push my buttons!


A further call to say that it’ll only be another 15 minutes.


When he finally arrives, he’s still ten minutes late from the last time!


Total delay?  One hour and 25 minutes.


When he tried to split the bill for the ice cream, I kept my hands in my pocket and politely looked at him as if to say, ‘are you crazy’?

This is a beautiful song…..great for a Sunday morning!

2 Oct

OMG – Are you serious? Do you speak to your mother with that mouth?

2 Oct

Sorry – I’ve been busy with work for the last while…real, day to day work!  LOL.  Little time for dating as of the last couple of weeks, except for my Down-Low brother friend who ‘dost protestesth too much!’

On Friday night I was thinking of a guy that I encountered at a Que First Friday a couple of years ago.  I think he was so appalling I had managed to suppress the memory!  LOL.

I’m standing at the bar trying to order a drink.  He starts talking out of the blue….asks if I’m single, to which I stupidly said yes.  So he asks me if I need a ‘fuck buddy’.  Yup – straight out of the gate.  I said, “nah, thanks…I don’t do friends with benefits.”

Was he undeterred?  Surely you jest! He just tried again – “Everyone needs a fuck buddy!”

So after I regrouped from the shock, I just looked at him and said, “No thanks.  But what I do need is a drink and after dealing with your abuse, you owe me one.”

He just shook his head, laughed, agreed, and ordered me a Glenmorangie, neat.  At least he recognized that I had good taste.

Was this the best he could offer for a pick-up line?  And as my friend reminds me, obviously this line had worked for him at some point in the past as he used it again.

Had I been more on the ball, I would have asked him if he thought his wife needed a FB – since he was sporting a shiny gold wedding ring.  Unfortunately I was too stunned from his brashness.  Maybe he thought I was one of those ‘pushover white women’.  Who knows.

Moron.  Dawgs….ugh.

What century is this?

24 Sep

I saw this article through an interracial dating meet-up group and couldn’t believe it.  What century is this?  Someone would be sending the woman death threats?  For kissing a black man?  On a tv show????

What is wrong with people?  This is television……not reality….and even if it was reality, whose business is it that a man and woman of different races want to kiss and/or be together?

Perhaps if we would all just concentrate on our own happiness and not worry about someone else’s, we’d be better off!

Your thoughts?


Is meeting a person by coincidence passe?

7 Sep

A new report was released that says that 1 out of 5 relationships are initiated on line. That is 20% of all relationships! This makes me wonder if the notion that we meet by accident a thing of the pass? And if that is true are we better or worst off because of it?